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Wood Reclaim Workshop Hexagonal Planters

Our hexagonal planters are usually made from pressure-treated commercially-produced softwood as obtaining reclaimed timber of the right dimensions is difficult. When we can obtain reclaimed wood for we use environmentally-safe LifeTime® Wood Treatment to enhance the durability and give an aged appearance.

The bottom of the planters may be slatted or solid with drainage holes. In either case, before filling them with compost and planting them up a waterproof lining should be used, with holes pierced in it, ideally over the drain holes or the gaps between the slats. Many people use garden compost bags or bin liners to line their planters, but we can also supply them fitted with a heavy-duty lining. The smallest hexagonal planters are designed as containers for 10 inch (25cm) plant pots and do not need lining.

The planters are fitted with rubber pads to keep them off the floor, but especially if they are on soft ground or gravel, they should be stood on plant pot spacers or similar non-porous pads so that they are not in direct contact with damp ground.

Treating the planters with a wood preservative at intervals will help extend their lifetime. To retain the natural aged look use a clear treatment, or use a preservative stain or fence paint for an alternative finish.

We carry a range of sizes of both straight-sided and tapered hexagonal planters, from the plant pots holders up 60cm across. If you require planters of other sizes or shapes please contact us to discuss your needs.

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