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Most of Wood Reclaim Workshop's products are made from salvaged wood from old pallets, old furniture, offcuts from construction work and kitchen-fitting - basically, any old wood.

For items intended for use outdoors such as in gardens and on patios and balconies we use, where possible, eco-friendly LifeTime® Wood Treatment to enhance the durability and give an aged appearance to the items we make.

Our range includes:

Plant Troughs

If you like the rugged, rustic look of reclaimed wood left rough and aged you'll love these plant troughs made from wood sourced from old pallets and treated with LifeTime® Wood Treatment!

More about plant troughs >

Standard sizes are 70cm, 80cm and 90cm long and have slatted bases, but we can make other sizes to order.

More about The Original Goth Trough >

The Original Goth Trough is a coffin-shaped plant trough made to the same specification as the others

Hexagonal Planters

These are generally made from pressure-treated commercially-produced softwood as obtaining reclaimed timber of the right dimensions is difficult.

They may have slatted bases or solid bases with drainage holes and a waterproof lining with drainage holes is required (many people use old compost bags).

More about hexagonal planters >

The smallest ones we make are designed to hold a 10 inch (25 cm) plant pot and don't have a base. The largest we normally stock is 60cm across, but we can make larger sizes to order.

Goth Boxes

More about Goth Boxes >

Goth Boxes, are coffin-shaped boxes with or without hinged or fitted lids, made from reclaimed wood and/or reclaimed plywood.

Bat Boxes

More about bat boxes >

We use untreated reclaimed timber, as bats are very sensitive to the kind of chemicals used to preserve wood.

Hedgehog Houses

More about hedgehog houses >

Our hedgehog houses are made from reclaimed timber and treated only on the outside with LifeTime® Wood Treatment. They're designed to keep hedgehogs warm and dry, and safe from predators like badgers, foxes and cats.

Nest Boxes

More about nest boxes >

Our range of nesting boxes are from reclaimed timber and treated only on the outside to minimise the birds and their chicks coming into contact with the wood treatment.

Tea-light Holders

More about tea-light holders >

The tealight holders are made from a variety of offcuts and pieces of reclaimed wood. They come with a glass or aluminium insert and are finished with danish oil to enhance the grain.

Shelves and Spice Racks

Shelves and spice racks >

Each of our spice racks and ornament shelves is unique - though if you really wanted a copy of one of our designs I suppose we could do that for you! They're made from reclaimed timber and finished with danish oil.


Of course, all the items listed above are just by-products of our main project, which is recycling old timber into firewood!

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