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The story so far...

During the first Covid lockdown I had the idea of making a couple of wooden plant pot holders for the 10'' plastic plant pots we were using which weren't very attractive. I had some 2 x 2 softwood left over from a job and had the idea of making hexagonal pot holders to match the shape of the pots. They worked well and I decided that I'd have a go at making larger tapered hexagonal planters.

The trouble with making stuff is that you need somewhere to put it, and I was running out of space, so I gave a couple away and sold a few. Then people started to ask if I could make plant troughs as well and with a steady supply of old pallets nearby it made sense to start using them. I stuck with the tapered shape, which I think is more aesthetically pleasing than plain old straight-sided ones.

I decided to take advantage of an introductory offer for a stall on the Saturday Market in Newcastle under Lyme so Jill and I racked our brains and came up with the trading name Wood Reclaim Workshop.

Once I had the market stall I realised that I needed to broaden the range of stuff I was making and selling, my first new item being a coffin-shaped plant trough, that I called the Goth Trough.

After an online search for "goth trough" that came up with zero pages of results I decided to call it "The Original Goth Trough", which for some reason seems to appeal to some people.

Since then the range of stuff on the stall has steadily increased, all of it apart from the hexagonal planters made from reclaimed timber, offcuts from various other jobs and repurposed bits of old furniture and even logs intended for the wood burner.

To see the latest, take a look at the Wood Reclaim Workshop Facebook page or get yourself down to Castle Artisan Market on the third Sunday of each month.

Plant TroughsOriginal Goth Trough

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