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Wood Reclaim Workshop Plant Troughs

If you like the rugged, rustic look of reclaimed wood left rough and aged you'll love these plant troughs made from wood sourced from old pallets and treated with eco-friendly LifeTime™ Wood Treatment, which helps to protect them and gives them a weathered timber look. If you're not keen on that, the troughs can be painted with a water-based exterior paint such as fence paint.

The troughs have a slatted or solid bottom with drainage holes and should have a waterproof lining such as a garden compost bag or bin liner before filling with compost and planting up. Make holes or slits in the liner over the drain holes or the gaps between the slats. If preferred we can also supply plant troughs with a heavy-duty lining already fitted.

To help the plant troughs last longer we recommend periodic re-treatment with a wood preservative. If you're replanting a trough, treat the inside as well as outside then reline before filling with new soil or compost.

Instead of planting directly into them, the troughs can be used as containers for plant pots making it easier to change your display of flowers throughout the season

The troughs are fitted with rubber pads to keep them out of direct contact with damp ground but on soft ground or gravel, it's a good idea to stand them on plant pot spacers or similar non-porous pads.

The troughs come in standard sizes at 70cm, 80cm and 90cm long and have block feet, but we can custom-make them to order in other sizes and with legs to raise them to more a more accessible height (or just for the look of course!).

The Original Goth Trough is a coffin-shaped plant trough which may not appeal to everyone. It can be made to whatever size you like (within reason!)

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